10 Reasons why visiting a museum is what you need to finish 2020 strong — Akron Art Museum

  1. Museums are some of the safest social spaces to explore with your family during the pandemic. They are spaces you experience in motion, so you’re not breathing in shared air for long periods of time. Most museums have high quality HVAC, so the air has been treated. Museums are easy to enjoy on your own or in small family groups. When you need a place to be away from home, galleries are there for you.
  2. Spending so much time at home, often with everyone sharing close quarters can be stifling. Visiting a museum can offer a much needed change in perspective in a serene setting. Who doesn’t need a little oasis of serenity these days?
  3. With social distancing, shared community can be challenging to find. Most museum galleries are expansive enough to allow you to remain in your pod but be around other art lovers.
  4. Viewing art is a great way to keep your mind sharp. Studies even indicate visiting museums can lower the risk of dementia.
  5. Discussing art is a powerful way to take a new look at your own challenges when you need a new perspective.
  6. Museums are perfect for intergenerational conversations. With the art in front of you, the whole family has something to discuss together.
  7. Museums share works that are historically significant. Visitors, however, can and should have an opinion about the art. Caregivers can use museum visits as a chance to help young ones learn to express their opinion persuasively.
  8. Social emotional wellness can be challenging in these uncertain times. Discussing and making art are two tools parents and families have to support the social and emotional wellness of their children
  9. Making art and creative pursuits are known to be a successful strategy for staying calm and relaxed. Seeing other people’s creativity is a tried and true way to get your own muse recharged.
  10. Being out with your family and friends in a safe space is a chance to have fun outside your home. With so many challenges in life right now, chances to make memories and have positive experiences should be celebrated.



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