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3 min readNov 6, 2020


Posted on Friday, November 6, 2020

Akron Art Mail featured artists postcards

Artists live and work in every community. Local galleries and art schools are great ways to find the best of your regional art scenes. Northeast Ohio has many wonderful arts spaces, such as Rubber City Print, Akron Soul Train, Summit Art Space, and many more in our neighbors to the North, Cleveland.

We’ve also enjoyed sharing our physical and digital spaces with regional artists since March and will continue to do so throughout 2021.

Here are some local artists experiences to enjoy:

  1. Two on-site exhibitions feature art by regional artists. Akron Art Mail features commissioned postcard-sized works by 24 artists and writers and YOU. This special exhibition includes a selection of art made by the community. Just make a 4X6 postcard and mail it to the museum. For more information, check out the Akron Art Mail page.
  2. Making Your Mark is focused on showcasing the process and purpose of art-making. Nine regional artists are featured in this show with works ranging from prints, installation, and painting.
  3. Twenty-four local artists sat down for informal conversations with our Deputy Director and Chief Experience Officer, Seema Rao for our series, On Process. These far-ranging conversations touch on life during isolation, art-making, and teaching as well as heady social issues like racism, environmental decline, and colonialism. Stream the entire series on demand on our YouTube channel or catch them each week on Saturdays on our social media feed.
  4. Maria Uhase is a regional artist with extremely fine craftsmanship and a quirky sense of style. Her otherworldly creatures will give you something to marvel at. See more of Maria’s work here.
  5. Anthony Angelilli is a regional artist whose work digests and contemplates a wide variety of materials. Each piece explores different textures and layering, and he often finds creative uses for common objects, such as rocks in his work. See more of Anthony’s work here.
  6. Alexandria Couch is a regional artist who uses a combination of traditional and found materials. Using mediums like gouache and acrylic, Alex explores self-discovery and the formation of identity as a minority through her work. See more of Alexandria’s work here.
  7. Jason Milburn is a regional artist with a very detailed style that is evident in his drawings and self-portraits. Jason uses ink and collage on paper to explore memories and nostalgia in his work. See more of Jason’s work here.
  8. Certainty is not readily available in life these days. Art and music can be helpful in helping you make sense of the abstract in life. Local musician, Theron Brown, shares his thoughts about abstraction in the Podcast episode Abstract.
  9. Drawing might feel scary. But mark-making, writing, and doodling are available to everyone. Our YouTube channel has an entire playlist of resources. Akron artist, Maria Alejandra Zanetta can also give you some inspiration in the Podcast episode Mark-Making.
  10. Staying playful can be hard when times are uncertain. We got advice from Akron artist, Alex Couch on the Podcast episode Play.

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