Drawing Day

Holding your Pencil

  • Start by picking up your writing utensil. Write a line.
  • Reposition your pencil or pen to hold it an angle. Draw more lines.
  • Continue to play with the angle of the writing tool. Explore the different effects on the paper.


  • Filling a sheet of paper with many different strokes.
  • Make 7 equal boxes on your paper. Use a pencil to create a graded scale of shades.
  • Draw the same item, like a coffee cup, in each of the shades from your scale.
  • Draw a houseplant only depicting the shadows.
  • Make a drawing using no lines.


  • Look in the mirror. Draw yourself without looking at the paper. Focus your eyes on your face.
  • Draw something in your kitchen. Use a single line.
  • Draw your pet using a single line. Draw 7 more contour drawings of your pet as they move. (If you don’t have a pet, draw pets from online videos).


  • Try drawing some of the doodles in the gif.
  • Try drawing from a magazine.
  • Explore the museum’s collection online. Choose 1 work you love. Draw it 20 times.

Vantage Points

  • Draw the same object from many different angles.
  • Sit on the floor. Draw the room. Find a high stool. Draw the same room.
  • Draw your desk and all of its items. Move across the room. Draw your desk again.

Gesture Drawing

  • Draw the clouds. Start your first drawing on the hour. Make a drawing every hour for a whole day.
  • Draw all the people you see in the next show you watch.
  • Draw your pet 100 times.


  • Draw a coffee cup in blue. Draw the same object again in another color. Repeat five more times.
  • Draw the forms in your room using 1 color other than black. Add a second color other than black for the shadows.
  • Use color to create a drawing using only dots.
  • Try any of the exercises in the other sections using color.




Enriching lives through modern and contemporary art

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Akron Art Museum

Akron Art Museum

Enriching lives through modern and contemporary art

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