Final Studies: Parker Shatkin

Undergraduate Student, Oberlin College

Studio Art

Title of Exhibition: Ritual

Thematically, my most recent and future work has and will continue to explore the home and domestic spaces, and the absurd and surreal moments that are inherent to these spaces. In my work, I explore the home as a space that is simultaneously public and private, perhaps the only space in which we feel we can be our “true selves” while also being the space in which we get ready for the day, put on clothes and makeup, and apply the mask that we will wear in public. My work explores our culture’s shared private experiences, making private rituals a spectacle, and making spectacles private experiences.

For more: @packrat_art on Instagram

Final Studies are in partnership with The University of Akron and are made possible with support from Fifth Third Bank and the Robert O. and Annamae Orr Family Foundation.




Enriching lives through modern and contemporary art

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Akron Art Museum

Akron Art Museum

Enriching lives through modern and contemporary art

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