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2 min readDec 18, 2020

Posted on Friday, December 18, 2020

We’ve been so busy making content this year, and we’ve shared so much. So we’re finishing this series strong by sharing our most popular resources.

Research Mysteries from Quarantine: Part 1 shows how a collection mystery was solved. Museum staff explored Main Street, Cleveland by Ora Coltman and discovered a few interesting facts along the way.

#5WomenArtists at AAM showcases 5 pioneering women artists in the Museum’s collection. Each one of these talented artists’ works featured are currently on view in the galleries.

Fashion Finds explores fashion-forward outfits featured in the Museum’s collection. Learn more about each artwork and all of the trends that are fit for the runway.

#TryThis: Shaving Cream Marbling offers a way to get creative with shaving cream and other household items. This shaving cream project is easy to do, and the finished product is truly something to marvel at.

What’s in a label provides an inside look into what museum labels consist of and how they are made. Learn how the label for Elliot Torrey’s painting Surf was created.

Artful Interiors explores some of the spaces shown in artists’ work in the Museum’s collection. We’ve all gotten very familiar with the inside of our homes the last few months, take a look at these ones for some new interior views.

#TryThis: Pipecleaner Prints teaches viewers how to make their own prints with household materials. The only materials required are paper, cardboard, pipe cleaners, and ink to make unique prints at home.

5 People on your Zoom Call describes what your work video call might look like if your co-workers were artworks from the Museum’s collection. See if you spot any familiar characters.

ARTstrology posts go up each month and they relate a horoscope to a work of art in the collection. If you’re a Sagittarius, see whether this work of art is spot on for you.

Research Mysteries from Quarantine: Part 2 explores Bookstalls Along Seine, a print by T. Frank Simon. Museum staff take a deep dive into this print as they try to find an answer to the question, ‘Who?’ in this case of mistaken identity.

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