• Kendra Gosnell

    Kendra Gosnell

  • Jon Keppel

    Jon Keppel

    Jon Keppel is a life artist that focuses on personhood. Connect at http://www.jonkeppel.com/subscribe/.

  • Matt Lynch

    Matt Lynch

  • Thermoaesthetics


    A concept of aesthetic complexity based on universal animal preferences for mixtures of simple, more and less exciting physical and psychological opposites.

  • Nanette Crist

    Nanette Crist

  • Jaime Shine

    Jaime Shine

    Owner of Clearly Conveyed Communications. Marketer, writer & social media strategist for hire. Inbound certified. Coffee drinker, nature lover and sports fan.

  • Danuta Sierhuis

    Danuta Sierhuis

    Digital Development Coordinator at Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queen’s University // Museums, art, design, code, cats & coffee (opinions mine)

  • Paola Maués

    Paola Maués

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