In this time, when many are practicing social isolation, the Akron Art Museum team is acutely aware of how our community needs us. Our audiences are seeing their daily lives transformed. Most people are accustomed to free movement and easy access to entertainment. School children expect spring field trips and spring fever. Active seniors expect to have a full roster of social activities.

While we sadly cannot host visitors in our galleries, the museum has committed to meet our audiences needs in new ways. In the coming weeks, you will see this blog, as well as our social media platforms and newsletter, bring you #MuseumatHome offerings. Our goal is to help our patrons feel engaged, entertained, and educated from their homes.

Museums are about connecting people to collections, so AAM’s expanded digital offerings are a way for the museum to continue their vital work. This blog will be the central hub of our offerings, but patrons can check in with any social platform to dip into our content.

Artist Sol LeWitt, creator of our well-loved mural, once wrote to fellow artist Eva Hesse, “Stop it and just do.” This global pandemic has meant many of us around the world have found ourselves in a completely different rhythm. People have gained time, once spent in cars commuting or standing in line for movies. At the same time, people aren’t able to leave their homes to do anything.

The idea of turning idleness or restlessness into action is at the crux of AAM’s new social media efforts. We hope to help our patrons continue to engage with ideas, even if only virtually. New offerings will include digital tours of our collection, often from surprising and personal slants as well as plenty of “how to” content. AAM believes everyone has the right to live creative, and we hope our digital content will help our patrons to continue their creative lives from their living rooms.

New content will be posted daily here on the blog along with on all our digital platforms. As you engage with the content, feel free to share your thoughts and any suggestions you have for new content. We, like you, know creativity and experimentation will be key tools to successfully coming through this endeavor together.

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