Mar 25, 2020

4 min read

Make a Mini Zine!

Need a quick way to creatively get out your stay-at-home stresses? A new style of sending a message to a friend? A fun approach for adults and kids alike to make a mini-story? Try making a zine!

Zines, short for magazines, are self-published, easy-to-make projects that have zero-to-no stipulations. Zines used to be created as a way for science fiction fans to add onto their favorite narratives, often through cutting and pasting paper together to form a small book or issue. Now, zines can be found as more formal, published material, often produced by a master printer.

Using one piece of standard size paper, make an 8-page zine and get started with your own narrative!

History of Zines:

Locations of Zine Libraries across U.S. and world:

Supply List:

8.5x11 inch paper




Hot dog fold

Open up fold

Now, hamburger fold

Open fold, and turn paper

Fold bottom half up to the hamburger fold’s crease

Fold top half to meet bottom half at hamburger fold

Open up folds

(Can you see the 8 pages?)

Turn paper, and hamburger fold, again!

Use scissors to cut along this center crease to the center point

(This cut will allow the paper to fold into a zine)

Open paper

Hot dog fold, but prop it up like a tent

Push the two tent ends into the center

Fold together 3 of the 4 flaps

Take that last flap, and fold into the rest of the flaps

(This is your back cover)

Be sure to crease all the seams well!

Behold- a tiny, baby zine!

Bring out all the goods!

Using stickers, stamps, tape or objects to glue in, can help

to alleviate the pressure to draw or write

Happy zine-ing!

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