Episode 8: Play

This weekly podcast brings listeners joy and comfort for these uncertain times.

The Akron Art Museum’s staff shares insights from their own lives combined with conversations about the collection and interviews with regional artists and musicians.

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This week the topic is Play. Seema and Gina discuss how to stay playful during times of stress and how artists use play in their work.

Deep Dive with Reggie: “New York,” Helen Levitt

Reggie talks about how photographer Helen Levitt captured play in her work and how she invites play in her viewers.

Additional works from the “New York” series






Shop Talk with Alexandria Couch

Couch is an Akron artist who is currently finishing her undergraduate degree at the University of Akron. Utilizing a variety of media in her process, Couch aims to address the complexity of being a minority and finding identity in unfavorable conditions. Her work is included in the Akron Art Library collection and has been featured in the Mary S. and David C. Corbin Foundation Gallery at the museum. Listen to hear Couch discuss her relationship with play, a current project with fellow Akron-artist Micah Kraus, and how she finds self-care within political activism.

Instagram: @cosmocouch

Only at Home Inside Your Head in Akron Art Museum’s Art Library Collection: https://www.akronlibrary.org/locations/main-library/culture-av-division/akron-art-library/alexandria-couch-only-at-home-inside-your-head

ArtsNow- https://artsnow.org

Downtown Akron Partnership- https://www.downtownakron.com

Relief Podcast Music

Jordan King is a multi-instrumentalist based in Kent, Ohio. Through his music project, Swell Tides, he has worked with Akron Recording Company and Electric Company Records. His work has been featured in the Devil Strip, Cleveland Scene, Akron Recording Company’s Where the Hell is Akron, OH? Vol. 2. Find Swell Tides on Bandcamp and Spotify, and stay in tune with upcoming shows on Instagram @swelltides


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