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3 min readSep 29, 2020


Posted on Tuesday, September 29, 2020 by Gina Thomas McGee, Katelyn Evans, Reggie Lynch, Seema Rao

This weekly podcast brings listeners joy and comfort for these uncertain times.

The Akron Art Museum’s staff shares insights from their own lives combined with conversations about the collection and interviews with regional artists and musicians.

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This week the topic is Joy. Seema and Gina talk about the fleeting nature of joy and where they’re finding joy in this challenging moment.

Reggie talks about how William Sommer was inspired by artists like Henri Matisse, who used color to capture the emotions of his subjects.

For more information about Fauvism: To see more works by William Sommer in the museum’s collection:

Shane Wynn is a photographer, splitting her time between photojournalism and fine art photography. Her work brings attention to other Akronites, like herself, who proudly represent the local and global communities. Wynn has been a major asset to the Akron Art Museum- creating visual storytelling of exhibit openings and once-in-a-lifetime experiences like Nick Cave’s HEARD last summer. Currently, however, she’s not in Akron. Wynn is on a 9 month road trip across the United States with her family, as a way to both document the times and conquer a life-long dream. Tune in to hear Wynn talk about this new project, as well as her love of Akron and of portraiture.

Instagram: @shanewynnphotography


Where the Wynns Take You project:

Jordan King is a multi-instrumentalist based in Kent, Ohio. Through his music project, Swell Tides, he has worked with Akron Recording Company and Electric Company Records. His work has been featured in the Devil Strip, Cleveland Scene, Akron Recording Company’s Where the Hell is Akron, OH? Vol. 2. Find Swell Tides on Bandcamp and Spotify, and stay in tune with upcoming shows on Instagram @swelltides

Relief Podcast is made possible with support from the Ohio Arts Council.

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