Research Mysteries from Quarantine

Part One

By Jeff Katzin, Curatorial Fellow

Here are just some of the AAM staff members who have shifted into new roles during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Main Street, Cleveland, Ora Coltman, (Shelby, Ohio, 1858–1940, Cleveland, Ohio), c. 1937, Woodcut on paper, 9 in. x 11 in. (22.86 cm x 27.94 cm), Gift of the Art Department, Akron Board of Education, Courtesy of the Fine Arts Program, Public Buildings Service, U.S. General Services Administration Commissioned through the New, Deal art projects, 1948.5
There don’t seem to be too many churches… until you zoom in! The smaller area shown on the right here is circled in the left hand image.
Left: St. Patrick Church. Middle: Immanuel Lutheran Church. Right: St. John’s Episcopal Church.
St. Malachi Catholic Church on Washington Avenue in Ohio City
Fire at St. Malachi Catholic Church, 1943



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