Virtual Family Day: Mark-Making — Akron Art Museum

Drawing without a Pencil

  • Explore Night Bird.
  • Have you ever see a bird like this?
  • If this bird would flap its wings, how would it look? Sound?
  • Are the feathers realistic? Explain your answer.

Drawing Together

Drawing is often a solitary hobby. But, creativity can be expanded through collaboration. Drawing alongside someone can be a nice way to improve your skills, like if you both draw the same object. You can learn something new about your drawing partner. Spend time sketching them; and let them take a crack at drawing you. Drawing games are fun. You can work together on a drawing, hiding your half until the reveal. You can also make lines for them to complete into a finished drawing. Or you can work together to draw something out of your shared imagination. Drawing is a nice way to spend time together.

Drawing a Mess

Drawing Big and Small

Collection Connection



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