Virtual Family Day: Mark-Making — Akron Art Museum

Everyone wants to make their mark on life. Learning to express yourself on paper is one way to do just that. Explore many ways to draw, paint, and make your own mark. Along with the many mark-making exercises this month, this PDF offers more drawing exercises.

Drawing without a Pencil

  • Have you ever see a bird like this?
  • If this bird would flap its wings, how would it look? Sound?
  • Are the feathers realistic? Explain your answer.

Drawing Together

Drawing is often a solitary hobby. But, creativity can be expanded through collaboration. Drawing alongside someone can be a nice way to improve your skills, like if you both draw the same object. You can learn something new about your drawing partner. Spend time sketching them; and let them take a crack at drawing you. Drawing games are fun. You can work together on a drawing, hiding your half until the reveal. You can also make lines for them to complete into a finished drawing. Or you can work together to draw something out of your shared imagination. Drawing is a nice way to spend time together.

Drawing a Mess

Drawing Big and Small

Collection Connection

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