Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the entire Akron Art Museum family has been looking forward to welcoming visitors back into our galleries. Even the works of art are doing their part! They’ve put on masks to help keep everyone safe and healthy.

Charles Salee — Almeda

Charles Salee’s Almeda has always had a look of confidence about her. Even though she’s covered her nose and mouth with a mask, her eyes still show the calm resolve necessary to get through COVID-19 safe and sound.

Julius Faysash — Judas

Say what you will about Judas; he’s at least keeping public health in mind! Even a conspiring character in a cloak seems friendlier when they’re taking precautions to make sure you won’t get sick.

Frank Fousek — Lonely Youth

This print was titled Lonely Youth even before the coronavirus came along. Though the isolated figure is more starved for socializing than ever, he’ll ask any visiting friends to stay off of his porch at a 6-foot distance.

Honoré Guilbeau — To Uncertainty

Honoré Guilbeau trained as a dancer before making this print of three dancing women… or is it the same woman in three different poses? If you’re in three places at once, do you have to social distance from yourself?

William Merritt Chase — Girl in White

Florence Irene Dimock was known for her fun-loving personality, but the painter William Merit Chase asked her to strike a serious pose with flamboyant studio props. Maybe she can use her mask to sneak in a smile!

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